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Dear Stepping Stones Families,

The start of preschool is almost here! I hope you and your family have enjoyed the summer break. We look forward to a new year ahead filled with rich learning experiences and loads of fun!

I am excited to share that our preschool is now offering spirit wear to our students and families. Please check out the ASF spirit wear line in the link below. All orders must be made by September 8. Grab a t-shirt or sweatshirt for your whole family and show your Stepping Stones SPIRIT!!!

Throughout the year, we will have many spirit days where we encourage students to wear their spirit wear. Stay tuned for more information on our School Spirit dates!
Stepping Stones Fall 2021 Spirit Wear

Our first preschool event will be our Meet the Teacher Day on Sept 1 or Sept 2 (refer to your scheduled individual date/time). Meet the Teacher Day is an opportunity for you and your child to meet your child’s teacher and visit the classroom. This is a great time for children to become acquainted with their teacher and their school. It’s important that you come with your child and try to keep siblings at home as this day is special for your preschooler. All visitors must come to the CES main office and check in before heading down to the preschool wing.

Our second event is a Class Meet and Greet on Sept 3 from 10:30-11:00. The class meet and greet is an opportunity for students to gather together, outside, on blankets as a class. Feel free to bring a light snack from home. Parents do not need to check in at the main entrance. The purpose of this event is to meet other parents and students in your child’s class. We understand that in these Covid times there are limited opportunities for parents to gather. Throughout the year we hope to offer more creative ways for parents to connect. During this event, our teachers and staff will be mingling amongst the classes. This too, is meant for the student and parents only. Please keep siblings at home, if possible. Although our staff will be there, supervision of children will be the responsibility of parents.

Since CES will be in session, the playground will be unavailable during this time. Please enter from the playground entrance gate and proceed to the backyard by preschool door #8, behind the school. Staff will be there to help direct you to your class area. Since this is an outside event you do not need to check in at the main office.

The following information will be helpful in planning your child’s transition to preschool:

First Day of School
September 8 is our first day of school for Stepping Stones Preschoolers.
Half Day: 9:30-12:30
Full Day: 9:30-2:15

Bus Students
If your child is eligible for bussing, bus assignments and routes will be sent out to you via email from Diane Marcinowski, SSP Secretary. Please contact the bus company if your child is going to be absent (Dattco- 203-226-4884).

Morning Routine/Drop Off
Classroom doors will be open at 9:15 to welcome students. Please do not expect to enter the building prior to this time as teachers will be preparing classrooms or in meetings. Staff will be at each door beginning at 9:15 to welcome your child. Although teachers would love to chat with you they will be busy welcoming your students and helping them settle into their routines. If you need to speak to a teacher about something specific, please email them or set up a time to talk outside of arrival and dismissal.

Please use the following doors at arrival:

Ms. Mary (Chamiec-Case)

Ms. Carla (Magnano)

Ms. Janie (Burke)

Door #8
(back of building)

Ms. Katie( Riznyk)

Door #9
(back of building)

Ms. Bobbi (Burns)

Door #10
(back of building)

Ms. Maggie (Robinson)

Door #61
(by main entrance

to CES)


Pick Up/Dismissal
In order to ensure the safety of our students, children must be signed out each day. We check I.D. and match students according to those individuals listed on your pick up list. If you have not filled out a Permission to pick up form, please use this link to download the form Permission to Pick Up Form and send your form directly to

Pick up is also at your child’s classroom door (see above).
Students will be ready for dismissal at 12:30 or 2:15, depending upon your child’s program. If you have any changes to your child’s dismissal, please call Diane Marcinowski at 203-341-1712.

If you child is going to be absent, please call at 203-Diane Marcinowski 341-1712 or email at
If your child is a bus student, please contact Dattco at 203-226-4884 as well.

The playgrounds will be closed to all Stepping Stones students before school and after school. The CES student community (grades K-5) will be in session so visitors will not be allowed to use the equipment or the benches during their school hours of 8:45-3:30pm. **Please note, SSP students will be using the playground equipment during their school day.**

Safety and Security

  • Drills: We practice fire and safety drills throughout the school year as required. We explain the drills to students in an age appropriate manner so that they are prepared and familiar with these routines.
  • Visitors: All visitors must check in at the CES main office upon arrival and departure. We will be utilizing a new visitor management system called Raptor. Families who need to have their student released early due to appointments must also check in at the CES main office. Please do not proceed directly to your child’s classroom or attempt to pick up your child from their outside classroom doors. Students will be escorted directly to parents in the main office or outside the main entrance door.
  • Given the Governor's mandatory vaccination announcement Thursday, it is possible that visitors will be required to be vaccinated.

Health and Safety Procedures

Social Distancing

  • To the extent possible, students should be seated with 3 feet distance between them in the classroom. This can be done at tables, desks, flexible seating, or a combination of these seating arrangements.
  • Plexiglass tri-folds will not be used.


  • Staff and students are required to wear masks in the school building.
  • Masks are not required when outside at recess or during outside P.E. class.

Handwashing/Hand Sanitizer

  • Handwashing/hand sanitizing will occur multiple times within the school day. It will occur prior to entering school, before and after snack and lunch, before entering the health office, and after using the bathroom.
  • Handwashing protocols will be reviewed with all staff and students at the start of school. Please review hand washing routines with your child before school begins.
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to each classroom and in key locations throughout the building.
  • Signs for handwashing will be placed in every bathroom throughout the building.


  • Students will eat their lunch/snack either in their classroom, spaced apart or outside, depending upon the weather.

More information to come as we get closer to the start of school