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Our belief is that by providing developmentally appropriate experiences and activities to the children at Stepping Stones Preschool, we will foster and enhance their growth and development. Since we believe that children “learn by doing,” our goal is to provide activities throughout the day that challenge and stimulate each child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonder. Our philosophy is that children need to be provided with the opportunity to learn about the world, themselves, and others through play and discovery.

We believe that all children benefit from the opportunity to learn from one another. It is important that children be provided with an opportunity to learn within an environment that is respectful of each student’s learning style, strengths, and needs. The formulation of inclusive classes that respect and acknowledge differences will teach all of the children to value diversity despite any differences based on gender, race, ethnicity or exceptional educational need. We encourage each child to take risks while exploring new learning so that a child becomes confident in a variety of educational environments.

All teachers and service providers are certified with the Connecticut State Department of Education and/or Department of Health. Staff members hold a minimum of a Bachelors degree and in most cases have a Masters and/or Sixth year degree in a specific area of educational specialization. All paraprofessionals meet the standards and requirements established with the State Department of Education.

In the education of young child, collaboration between home and school is essential to the learning process. We recognize the importance of parents as their children’s first teachers, and we work to create successful partnerships with families in a climate of communication and mutual respect. Our program offers diverse opportunities for parent participation, including individual parent-teacher conferences, parent groups and workshops, and classroom experiences, such as story-reading, projects, and celebrations. When teachers and parents work together to nurture children’s growth and development, this continuity between home and school enables children to flourish both in and out of the classroom, supporting even the youngest learners to build the confidence and skills to start successfully on the path toward lifelong learning

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